Welcome to Darren Phelps for Sheriff

My mission as Sheriff will be to:

  • - Protect the lives and property of all who we serve.
  • - Preserve, defend, and educate the community of its constitutional rights.
  • - Strengthen the sacred trust that our community has placed in law enforcement to defend and protect. 
  • - Maintain fiscal responsibility and accountability to the public.
  • - Create a work culture which embraces the highest moral and ethical standards.


Citizens empowered to recognize and report potential threats to their community.

The more knowledge the public has, the safer and more prepared we will be. I will make great efforts personally and with the help of the Box Elder County deputies and staff to take information to the public. Current and evolving technologies can be more greatly utilized in law enforcement efforts, such as social media and other electronic forms of communication.


Ready for Action

There are a few different definitions and examples of preparedness. I personally like the example of "Ready for Action". When I think of being prepared in law enforcement I see deputies who are ready for action at all times. This is their duty and the call that they have answered. As a community, we too must be prepared for as many possible threats or hazards which may come our way.


Neighborhoods armed with knowledge

Education will make people more aware and better prepared. I will coordinate training plans ranging from crime prevention to preparation for natural disasters and make it available to the public. I will take this information to the people where they are: schools, civic groups, towns, cities, and businesses.

Visible, Approachable, and Involved

The more the public is aware of current criminal happenings, the better they can defend against them.  As Sheriff, I will be focusing on public awareness, preparedness, and education.  I will strive to be the most visible, approachable, and involved Sheriff that has served Box Elder County.  I will take initiative when participating in town and city meetings to collaborate on plans to better secure our communities and also provide transparency and accountability to the public.

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